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We are a faith-based company that leads with education, providing world-class support to assist you with understanding the value of diversifying with physical gold and silver.


True Gold Republic excels in educating consumers about acquiring precious metals for direct delivery as well as with a qualified retirement account.


Leading the industry with 60 years of combined experience.

We not only meet but consistently exceed your expectations.  We go at your pace, focusing on what you feel best suits your interests and goals.

Unlike other companies, we do not place "making a sale" ahead of clients fully knowing exactly what they are doing before buying precious metal.

By phone and email, we're here for you every step of the way to ensure your complete understanding of buying, owning, and selling precious metal.

True Gold Republic clients benefit from our decades of experience and in-depth knowledge of how precious metals can provide long-term safety.

Without our clients, we would not exist. We are blessed for the opportunity to assist our clients with achieving their goals and objectives.


We're always eager to connect with potential candidates who share our vision and passion for providing world-class client service and support.

We are seeking individuals who prioritize the client experience first and foremost.  

For additional information regarding available positions, please complete the initial application.  

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