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"The wise have wealth & luxury, but fools spend whatever they get."
- Prv 21:20

Our commitment

True Gold Republic exists to educate consumers about buying precious metals for direct delivery as well as with a qualified retirement account.

An educated client is a long-term client who will feel comfortable referring their friends and family to True Gold Republic.


Leading the industry with education and transparency.


True Gold Republic uses a faith-based approach in assisting clients with securing physical precious metals, a tangible and reliable asset that has proven throughout history to provide safety and protection from continuing currency devaluation and political uncertainty.


All That Glitters is not gold

Keep Your Guard Up

We understand that finding the right gold company can be very challenging. You're likely wondering what separates one from the others, particularly when many well-known companies employ notable spokespersons and make outlandish claims -- pushing overpriced exclusive coins and offering "free silver"-- while never discussing what you're truly paying for the precious metal you're buying.
Trust matters, and true trust is based on the information and transparency you receive. The following provides an overview comparison that focuses on important questions you should know and ask before acquiring gold and silver from any company.  

True Gold
Any Gold Group
Any Gold Group
Any Gold Group
Does the company use a faith-based approach in assisting clients with purchasing gold and silver, moving at their pace and taking the time to understand their goals and objectives?
Does the company prioritize educating clients before making sales, ensuring a crystal clear understanding of the precious metals buying process first and foremost?  
Does the company provide True Cost pricing, disclosing the "markup" and what the company pays for precious metal before selling it to clients?
True Gold
Questions to Know and Ask
Does the company provide True Cost Pricing, disclosing the spread and the markup it charges for the precious metals they sell, as well as what commission account executives may earn?
Does the company move at clients' pace, prioritizing education before making a sale?
Does the company advertise offering thousands in  "free" silver while not disclosing the actual "markup" clients pay to get the "free" silver?
Does the company pay millions to celebrity spokespersons for their endorsement, a cost passed on to clients through the markup they are paying?
Does the company sell exclusive coins that carry a high markup that can only be acquired from and sold back to the company?
Does the company provide a Price Protection Plan on qualifying precious metals accounts?
Does the company provide No Fees for Life on qualifying precious metals IRAs?


"We provide strategies that will help you achieve your financial goals."

Daniel Castillo, Founder & Managing Director

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"Our team is responsible for preparing financial reports and for advising."

Scarlett Howells, Supervisor

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